Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

Spartan Olive Oil S.A.


Quality Guarantee


  • Every product that we make is 100% natural, and no artificial colors or preservatives are added.

  • The only oil that we bottle in our factory is Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our villages in the Spartan region. No other oil passes through our facilities.

  • All our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Very Rich in Polyphenols, bearing so many health benefits.

  • All the other products are based on traditional recipes known for centuries in the local area, and are made under strict hygienic condition.

  • None of our products are genetically modified. All of them are No GMO.

  • The products we offer to you are the same ones that we, the family, use in our homes.


           for Spartan Olive Oil s.a.

                  the President.





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